Close To My Heart My Acrylix Stamp Storage

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I scoured the internet to find the perfect solution to store all of my Close To My Heart My Acrylix clear stamps, but didn’t find anything that I loved.  CTMH offers their own storage box, but it is much too small to store all of the stamp sets that I have.

This solution is the “Shirt Box” from The Container Store.  I really like how you can put a label on either the side or front of the box.  I also really like that it has a lid–you can stack these boxes if you have a few and it also protects the stamps from light (which can discolor them).  This box also comes in four great colors: Green, White, Black, and Blue.  If you have a Cricut, the green is the perfect “Cricut Green” to coordinate with any other Cricut supplies that you might have.

I love being organized!


  1. Diana says

    Does this box have a divider down the middle of it? If not, do you have any issues with the stamps moving around?


    • says

      Hi Diana,

      The box does not have a divider down the middle of it, but I have not had any issues with the stamps moving around. In general I am pretty steady when I take the boxes down, but it would not be too hard to put some cardstock or chipboard down the middle if you would prefer. Hope this helps! I really do like this storage solution.


  2. Kellie says

    I love your storage solution for your CTMH stamp sets. I was just wondering approximately how many stamp sets can you put in one box?

    • says

      Hi Kellie,

      I’m so glad you like the storage! Depending on how close you want your stamp sets to be, you can probably fit about 40-50 stamp sets in each box (20-25 on each side). If you want to easily browse I would recommend 40, but if you organize by item number (like I do), you can fit 50 and still easily see the item numbers. I also have another post on how I organize my stamp sets into a computerized inventory in Bento–that way I can easily find them by number in each box. See:

      Hope this helps!

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