Wet Molded Leather Flower Tutorial

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Wet Molded Flower Tutorial How To Make Leather Flowers Mold Mould

I love these flowers.  They are so unique and look great on almost anything.  I used a beautiful thin Glazed Pigskin leather from Tandy Leather and a glue water mixture to make this great project.

Click “Continue Reading” to see how to make these beautiful leather flowers.

You will need:

  • a thin leather like this pigskin 
  • leather scissors or other sharp scissors
  • a hole punch
  • paper piercer or toothpick
  • leather glue (like Tandy leather weld)
  • water
  • water soluble glue (like Elmer’s)
  • a small bowl to hold your glue water
  • a small bowl/saucer to shape your flower
  • 8 condiment bottles to dry your petals on

Step 1:  Make your petals

Cut out 8 petals from your leather.  Mine were a cinched oval shape measuring approximately 5″ long x 2.5″ at the widest point.  Rough up the edges of the petal with scissors to make them look more natural.  Punch a hole in the center (I used the Martha Stewart Screw Punch).  Soak the petals for 15 seconds or so in a solution of hot water mixed with a water based glue (i.e. Elmer’s) — I didn’t measure the ratio, but put about 2 Tblspn or so into a little bit more than 1 cup hot tap water.  Scrunch the wet petals so they look like this:

Then hang them on the tops for some condiment bottles to dry like this:

Step 2: Make the stamen

Cut a piece of leather about 3″x 1.5″.  Leaving room in the center, fringe the edges like so:

Wet the leather in the water/glue solution for 15 seconds or so and crumble into a ball.  Let it dry in this shape.

Step 3: Build your flower

After the petals have dried for a few minutes, stack them up on each other to build the flower.  Use a paper piercer or toothpick to make sure that the holes line up in the middle.  Make sure to glue between each layer.  I use Tandy Leather Weld.

Once you have all of your petals glued, place them in a small saucer/bowl to shape it into a flower.  Let it dry outside or in a warm spot until you are happy with its shape.

Once the petals are dry, attach the stamen.  Unroll it from the ball, then roll it up so that the middle part is accessible.  Using a small piece of leather cut into a string, wrap the stamen and pull the string through to the back side of the flower and tie a knot. Glue like in this picture:

The back side of the flower should look like this.  Add a dab of glue on the back, too, to keep the knot in place.

Step 4: Final Drying

Put the finished flower back into the saucer/bowl to let it dry completely.

Step 5: Decide how you want to use your new flower and enjoy!

These flowers are great for hair accessories, brooches, purse embellishments, you name it.  Be creative and have fun.



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